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Elderberry Syrup Canning Recipe

Reap the Benefits of Harvesting Elderberry (This article may contain affiliate links. I make a small profit if you purchase…

Vanilla Bean Peaches Canning Recipe

Peaches are a treasure trove of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, and copper. They make excellent…

Drunken Fruit Canning Recipe

Spirits such as rum, brandy, and various flavored liqueurs can bring out the full flavor of fruit. Drunken fruits are…

Canning Fresh Pineapple

Having home canned pineapple on hand is such a treat and is such a cost-savings if you purchase fresh pineapple…

Pineapple Butter Canning Recipe

Transport yourself to the islands while sitting at your kitchen table with this amazing recipe! For those of us in…

Cranberry Sauce Canning Recipe

My cranberry sauce is a hit every Thanksgiving – and I know my family isn’t just blowing smoke with all…

Home Canning Cherries – Healthy and Fun

Now you have five amazing reasons to preserve cherries this summer canning season! So where should you get started? I shared four easy cherry canning recipes in another blog a while back from pie filling to jam and also a delicious salsa.

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