So this year I have decided to try something new…Sweet Potatoes!  I started my potatoes on May 3, 2012 using a very simple yet tried and true method.  Start by purchasing organic sweet potatoes from Whole Foods or your local grocer.  Next, have ready widemouth quart size canning jars, toothpicks and water.  The bulk of the potato should be submerged in the jar so place four toothpicks around the top part of each potato.  Center each potato and fill each jar with water getting the water level as close to the lip as possible.  Be sure to monitor the water level – you never want them to dry out or it will ruin your progress.  Last, place your jars in a sunny location and…viola!
I am documenting my progress so stay tuned!
The first day 5/3/12
Yay!  The first sign of Sweet Potato “Slips”  5/23/12
Finally each potato is showing signs of slips!  5/29/12
Wow – now they are really taking off!  6/10/12
My small slips are starting to produce roots!  6/18/12
Started the larger slips today!  6/20/12
In the ground and doing GREAT!  6/29/12
See ya again in the fall with pics of the sweet potato yeild!

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