Raw Sauerkraut – makes 4 Quarts close up jar

This fast, simple recipe uses the cold storage method to allow fermentation to preserve the cabbage creating sauerkraut.  This delicious kraut can be used in any dish where sauerkraut is served whether as a meal or simply a topping.


16 cups cabbage, shredded

2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp mustard seeds

3 ½ tbsp Celtic or Mediterranean sea salt

5 cups water

4 Wide-Mouth Quart Jars


In a bowl, mix cabbage with cumin and mustard seeds.  Using a potato masher of wooden kitchen mallet, pound/mash the cabbage and seeds for several minutes to release the juices from the cabbage.  Fill each quart by tightly packing the cabbage using a wooden spoon or mallet.  Give each jar a generous 1” headspace.

Mix water and salt until salt has dissolved.  Pour liquid mixture over the cabbage and press the cabbage downward using a wooden spoon handle to remove excess air bubbles.  Add additional liquid mixture if necessary being sure to keep the generous 1” headspace.  Wipe rim of jar with a warm wash cloth dipped in vinegar.  Add lids and rings and hand tighten.

Keep jars at room temperature for 3 days then transfer to cold storage in your refrigerator.  The sauerkraut can be eaten immediately but improves with age.

Because the jar contents are active during the fermentation process, please note there may be some seepage from the jar prior to and during cold storage.  Simply wipe the jars and the surface in which they sit if this occurs.

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